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Strategic Corporate Communications

With focus. Without frills.

Lauterbach Kommunikation | Wiggensbach

Strategic communication moves companies forward 

LAUTERBACH KOMMUNIKATION supports companies, self-employed professionals and founders in communicating meaningfully and successfully with their target groups in order to achieve corporate goals and increase business success.
The focus is on a communication strategy tailored to the objectives and the resulting communication measures. And focus is meant literally: without detours and with the goal in mind, clear decisions are made and measures implemented that actually make a difference.

My communication expertise for your business success

Verena Lauterbach, Geschäftsführerin von Lauterbach Kommunikation

My name is Verena Lauterbach. As an expert in corporate communications with a corresponding academic education and many years of work in various well-known companies and PR agencies, I can draw on an extensive repertoire of experience and know-how.

My thematic focus is on the pharmaceutical / biotech / medical technology sector.

However, I can also efficiently support companies from other industries - especially those with products or services that require explanation and are environmentally sensitive.

I am looking forward to your contact.


Communications Consulting

As a brand strategy and corporate communications consultant, I develop strategic communications concepts for my clients and implement measures that contribute to the achievement of corporate goals.

Your goals could be: 

  • Establish or expand brand awareness

  • Win customers or increase turnover / profit

  • Improve image and increase credibility

  • Communicate repositioning / innovations

  • Create acceptance for changes (change management)

6-step strategy process
In my communications strategy consulting, I proceed according to the 6-step strategy process I have developed, which covers all relevant issues and leads step by step to the creation of a customized and efficient concept for corporate communications. Through this well-founded preliminary work, communication measures and content can be reliably identified that actually lead to the achievement of the goals.

Learn more about the 6-step strategy process for successful corporate communications here.

Interim Support
Verena Lauterbach | Lauterbach Kommunikation

I am your strategic sparring partner for Corporate Communication

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My name is Verena Lauterbach. After 13 years in PR agencies and the communications departments of (inter)national companies, I took the plunge into self-employment in 2019. My motivation: The desire for self-determination and curiosity about how things are going. Because that's what I believe in: that things go well when you listen to your intuition.
My academic background - I studied German, sociology as well as art and media sciences - forms together with my wide-ranging professional experience the tools for my consulting services. My approach is creative, optimistic and structured.
As your external consultant, I identify the need for action with a clear view and work with you to develop solutions that are concrete and can actually be implemented. 
What is important to me: honesty, openness to change, morality and sustainability. And of course, the joy in the matter, without which everything is nothing.

My consulting can be funded 

​I am listed as consultant in the German Funding program "Promotion of Entrepreneurial Know-How" of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). With this program, my consulting services can be subsidized up to 90%. You can find more information about this funding program here.

On the other hand, I am also an approved consultant in the Pre-start-up coaching program in Bavaria (Germany), a support program for people interested in starting a business and potential business successors in Bavaria / Germany. The program covers up to 70% of the consulting costs incurred (based on the maximum eligible fee). You can find more information about this funding program here.


If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me

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You want to be inspired?
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In order to achieve the best possible result for my customers, I collaborate with experts from different disciplines if necessary. For example, graphic designers, SEO and SEA experts, video producers and photographers can contribute to the creation of a professional "total work of art" that optimally appeals to and convinces the respective target group. 

I am happy to recommend suitable experts from my network.

Netzwerk von Lauterbach Kommunikation

I invite you to a non-binding 30-minute call to get to know each other. Together we can find out what potential your business currently has and how we can work together to increase your business success - with focus and without frippery.

Please feel free to contact me with the information below contact form.

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