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Six Steps to Successful 
Corporate Communications

In particular, founders and entrepreneurs who want to launch a new brand or a new product, who are facing a particularly challenging situation or who want to reposition their company benefit from a tailored communications strategy. This allows them to implement focused measures that will convince their target groups and help them achieve their goals without detours and without wasting time and budget.

LAUTERBACH KOMMUNIKATION has developed a 6-step strategy process that covers all relevant topics related to successful corporate communications and leads step by step to the creation of a logical and customized roadmap for achieving goals.

German companies or entrepreneurs can receive government funding if we work together to tackle the strategic work for your brand success.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact. me.

The 6-Step Strategy Process

Step 1

The business idea

This is about a basic inventory of your offer and the uncovering of potential that may currently be unused. 

  • What is the business idea? What is the offer? 

  • How is the current situation? What special requirements are there?

  • What are the business goals?

  • Which innovations in the offer could make sense?

  • What adjustment screws can be turned to improve the conditions for market success?

Step 2

The brand identity

This is the basis of your brand. It should have a coherent and unmistakable identity in order to directly convince potential customers and to differentiate oneself from the competition.

  • Analysis and definition of the target group(s)

  • Consideration of the competitive situation

  • Definition of unique selling propositions

  • Development of strengths & weaknesses (internal), opportunities & threats (external) (SWOT analysis)

  • Development of an individual brand character with brand values

  • Examination and / or development of a brand name & brand design (corporate design)

Step 3

The brand strategy

This is about developing the roadmap your brand can use to attract the customers you want. 

  • Defining strategic brand goals

  • If necessary, weighting of the various offers (brand focus)

  • Elaboration of the special customer benefit - Which problem will be solved? Which wish will be fulfilled?

  • Definition of the value proposition and positioning in the market

  • Research into relevant trends in society that can be used for marketing

Step 4

The communication strategy

Now it's time to define the strategic pillars of your communication campaign.

  • Definition of marketing or campaign goals including budget and schedule

  • Development of a tailor-made guiding principle for the customer approach

  • Development of communication topics and key messages

  • Tonality of the customer address

  • Campaign dramaturgy

  • Rough planning of the communication measures

Step 5

The storytelling and imaging

This step deals with the content of your communication.

  • Development of an authentic, emotional and likeable story about the brand

  • Formulation of slogans and important text elements

  • Definition of key words

  • Creation of a "short pitch" text that answers all basic questions from the customer's perspective

  • Determination of the image world

Step 6

The measures for addressing customers

Steps 1 to 5 have created an optimal basis for determining the communication measures that will take your brand along the shortest path to your customers. According to the motto "less is more", I recommend concentrating on a few measures that are effective and optimally fit the strategy.

... and now it's time to do do do!

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